Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Leaders can easily add Parents to the system. You have the option of giving the parents permission to make changes. Otherwise, they can login and view the progress of their son(s). If you are a parent and do not have an account yet, please contact your local Scout leader.
We do not recommend that you login simultaneously using the same username. Our systems stores variables based on who is logged in. We recommend that you create accounts for each leader.

NOTE: When you create an account for a leader, that leader is automatically notified via e-mail that their account has been created. The e-mail will include their username and password.
To register, visit our Registration Page. You can choose from three different options:

1. Duty to God Tracking
2. Scout Tracking
3. Both

NOTE: You can add the LDS Duty to God Tracking feature to your account at any time. LDS Duty to God tracking is free. Scout Tracking is $29.95 a year.
To renew your Scout Tracking subscription, visit our Subscription Information page. Click the Pay Now button and you can easily renew your subscription for another year.
We are glad you asked. We charge $29.95 a year for the use of the Scout Tracking module. This includes your entire unit. Yes, that means you can add unlimited leaders, parents and scouts. At the end of each year, we will send a friendly reminder before your subscription expires. At that point, you can provide your credit card information for the renewal.

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